Our workshop services and repairs the full range of woodwind instruments – from piccolo flute to bass saxophone. The workshop facility possesses all the latest and quality tooling to perform quality workmanship. But more importantly, our craftsmen and women have the expertise to complete the repair to the highest of standards.


We are also happy to complete complicated repair work such as custom machining, tenon and tonehole replacements, dent repairs, complete overhaul of woodwind mechanisms and other other projects for stores and other workshops alike. Please call or email for a quote and a lead-time. Confidentiality and privacy assured.

Servicing/Cleaning – For saxophones we use a proprietary solution known for effective cleaning without damaging the instrument. Our workshop is also equipped with a quality 400L Ultrasonic tank and this machine also runs at the correct kHz frequency for cleaning musical instruments.

Dent Removal – Our workshop is well versed in dent removal techniques and prefer to use traditional methods as these yield the best results. We own the a full set of bell moulds for saxophones to repair the bell-lips back to their original shape and can even repair bassoon bocals.

Soldering – Soft soldering and hard soldering (brazing). We use a jeweller’s microtorch for brazing broken keys back together and proper high silver content brazing wire for a repair stronger than the key was before.

Polishing – Hand polishing, silver foam, polishing before replating and reconditioning keywork and restoring wood finishes.

Tenon replacements – Whether it be an oboe or a bass clarinet – we are able to repair a snapped tenon to original specifications. We strive for an invisible repair that is strong and non-invasive so the original bore and dimensions are maintained. We cast the bore using a food-grade silicone so we can take proper measurements beforehand so that the new section matches perfectly.

Custom Machining – Our machine shop is the best equipped workshop in the industry for machining parts for your brass and woodwind instrument.

Crack repairs – If not for our years of experience of repairing cracked wooden joints, we have technicians who have received training (and are certified!) by Yamaha in Japan. Our head woodwind technician in Moorabbin has also spent time with the head technician at Marigaux. It is really rare for us to pin or band cracks. We find our repair methods are non invasive and are long lasting without resorting to these more extreme and often damaging measures.

Friendly Advice – Our experience as repairers is made available to assist you with maintenance enquiries, the acquisition of second-hand equipment, our opinions on the build quality of different brands and we are also happy for just a general chit-chat.