Australian Made Pads

For our overhauls, we are able to offer our finest pad – handmade Australian pads. These pads are very flat, stable and are made for each individual horn using pads Australian-made materials and labour. This allows us to have the optimal thickness and diameter to suit your horn.

The subsidiary company was once known as ‘Sax Pads Australia’ and we used to ship pads all around Australia and internationally. These Australian Made Pads were originally produced by Ebert brothers Brian and Martin, who were also the pioneers of using kangaroo leather on saxophone pads.

Sadly production isn’t viable using Australian labour so we only make pads for Brass and Woodwind customer overhauls or in special circumstances. The other product we manufacture is brass resonators.

These pads are only available through our workshop. We buy the highest quality leather available and use only the best materials. We have been making pads for over 25 years – knowledge and techniques passed down from craftsmen of the day.

All the pad tooling is manufactured and designed by us.

Please see the gallery for photos of the tools/production.