Our Moorabbin Workshop:

We have the complete workshop

30 years of operation and three generations will do that.

A view of the main workspace.

Parts department.

Dent tools are all stored in these industrial tool cabinets that hold 100kg per drawer. Last time we counted there were over 1500 dent balls. Here is one of 8 drawers full.


All tapers and sizes of mandrels for each instrument

Moulds to re-shape saxophone and brass bells

Z60 Dent Machine

A plier collection we could go to Guinness World Records with

400L Ultrasonic tank and dedicated wash facilities

Our service desk

Literature and catalogues dated as far as back as 1885. Our technicians have a passion for antique and vintage instrument and have extensive knowledge of old instruments

Our Toolroom

Our Moorabbin workshop offers tenon replacements, tone-hole replacements, crack repairs, replica parts manufacture, mouthpiece replating, modification, complete mechanical restoration of keywork and all customised work. We also manufacture custom tools for our repairs in order to offer the customer the best result possible and add these to our extensive collection for future use.

I find these tools to be indispensable in the highly variable field of Brass and Woodwind repair. Several of them are ex-government machines that were used for high-accuracy prototype work, and can hold very tight tolerances. Some of these machines include: