Burnishing Bell


Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind Workshop offers servicing, minor to major dent removal, soft and hard soldering, patch and metal repair, seized slide removal, custom and replacement parts, valve alignments, mouthpiece alteration, valve and casing repair and minor case repair.

We can also provide plating, lacquering and valve re-building services for your trumpet, performing the preparation work in-house and using our network of contacts.

We welcome you to view some of our previous repair work. Instruments from all around Australia come through our workshop to receive our attention. We stock a large inventory of parts and regularly repair Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Schilke, B&S, Getzen, Schagerl, Shires, Jupiter, Conn and many other brands. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project

Our most popular service is listed below and we recommend instruments to have a proper service every one to two years to improve its performance and longevity. We are happy to do basic, one-off repairs as well.

Full Service
This is a general overview of our in-house service procedure. Each repair shop completes a ‘service’ differently and there is no standardised procedure. For this reason, we invite you to view a more comprehensive overview of our brass service and let you be the judge for value for money.

Disassemble instrument
Remove old lubricants such as oil/grease
Ultrasonic and/or chemical clean
Hand wash
Slides polished and aligned
Accessible, small dents are removed
Valves checked for proper functionality
Replace necessary corks/felts/springs
Re-assemble and lubricate
Clean case and re-round mouthpiece
Play test
6 month service warranty