We offer: servicing, minor to major dent removal, soft and hard soldering, patch and metal repair, seized slide removal, custom and replacement parts, slide alignments, mouthpiece alteration, rotor and trigger repair and minor case repair.

Trombone slides can be difficult to set straight. The underlying principles is that a slide needs to be free of corrosion/grime, geometry needs to be parallel, and tubes need to be dent free, round and straight. The principles are straight forward, but it has taken years of practice and experience to deliver consistent first-class results.

Tools include a dead flat granite stone, 34 different sized precision machined slide mandrels, a plethora of burnishing tools and custom jigs to achieve quality results to name a few. But it is the skill of the technician that accomplishes lasting results.


We welcome you to view some of our previous repair work. Instruments from all around Melbourne and Australia come through our workshop to receive our attention. We stock parts for and regularly repair Bach, Yamaha, Shires, Conn, King and many more. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project.


Slide repairs


Trigger repair