French Horn Repairs

Our extensive workshop capabilities and expertise allows us to perform quality Frenchhorn repair work. When it comes to getting your horn repaired, avoid disappointment and take it to our Melbourne workshop to receive the best repair possible . Regular repair work includes:

  • Servicing
  • Precision dent removal
  • Soldering and brazing
  • Brace replacement
  • Stuck slide removal
  • Bearing re-fits (ever wonder why your rotor clicks?)
  • Water-key installation
  • Custom work
  • Care/maintenance advice

French horns are expensive instruments, and sadly rotor valves are often neglected and inadequately lubricated. These precision machined parts are the foundation of the instrument’s sound, and if not properly cared for will lead to accelerated wear causing a leaky, weak sound. Proper lubrication and service work will not only keep it feeling and sounding at its peak potential, but will keep it in good service for many years to come.

We welcome you to view some of our previous French horn repair work. Instruments from all around Melbourne and Australia come through our workshop to receive our attention. We stock parts for and regularly repair Yamaha, Alexander, Paxman, Hans Hoyer, B&S, Jupiter, Holton, Conn and many more.

Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project.


Crushed Bell Flare


Alexander Bearing Re-fit